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iPhone Dock

৳ 399 ৳ 349
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XO Multi-Function Goggles Safety Goggles – Escort for You

৳ 300 ৳ 250
XO Multi-Function Goggles Safety Goggles - Escort for You JRHX-001 Safety Protective Glasses
Product Features; 1. Splash Proof 2. Windbreak 3. Anti-Impact 4. High Light Transmission Versatile Protection for Various Scenarios 1. Large Body Design 2. Can Be Worn with Myopia 3. Using High-Quality Lenses 4. Waterproof Impact 5. Blocking Droplets 6. Safe Travel Windproof San, Dust + Block Blue Light, UV Safety Barrier - Anti-Splitting Splash

XO – UV Sterilization Disinfection Storage Box

৳ 3,000 ৳ 2,500
XO - UV Sterilization! XDH01 Disinfection Storage Box Product Description;
1. Disinfect the Treasure Chest, Suitable for a Bariety of Items; 2. Ultraviolet Rays Destroy the DHA Molecular Structure of the Collective Cytoplasm of Microorganisms, and Achieve the Effect of Sterilization and Disinfection to Effectively Kill E. Coli, Cocci, Candida Albicans, etc. 3. Two Sterilization Modes, One-Button Sterilization, The Sterilization Effect Reaches 99.9%

Infrared Electric Thermometer

৳ 5,000 ৳ 4,500
Infrared Electric Thermometer One-Button Test Accurate and Fast - Non-Contact One-Button Quickly Test Temperature Large LCD Screen - Highlight Backlight, the test results are clear at a glance, the display is clear and soft
Pay attention to health - HD large screen, large digital display to show test result, simple and clear reading Multi-Color Reminder Smarter 34°C-37.5°C - (Light blue for screen display) 37.6°C-42.2°C - (Fever warning, show red backlight) High Sensitivity Infrared Temperature Measurement - High Quality Sensor, Strong abilityto capture infrared signal, accurate temperature measurement by collecting data in 1 Second Two modes are Versatile - Two-in-one temperature measurement of Human Body and objects, One-Button quick switch mode. Body Temperature Mode - Test Range: 32°C-43°C Object Mide - Test Range: 0°C-60°C Good Daily healer for Mom (Test Milk Temperature & Test Water Temperature) Built-in Memory Chip - 32 Sets of measurement data can be automatically stored to observe the change of body temperature at any time. Easy Savings Mode - automatic shutdown without use in seconds economical and energy saving Model: YS-ET03