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Infrared Electric Thermometer

৳ 5,000 ৳ 4,500
Infrared Electric Thermometer One-Button Test Accurate and Fast - Non-Contact One-Button Quickly Test Temperature Large LCD Screen - Highlight Backlight, the test results are clear at a glance, the display is clear and soft
Pay attention to health - HD large screen, large digital display to show test result, simple and clear reading Multi-Color Reminder Smarter 34°C-37.5°C - (Light blue for screen display) 37.6°C-42.2°C - (Fever warning, show red backlight) High Sensitivity Infrared Temperature Measurement - High Quality Sensor, Strong abilityto capture infrared signal, accurate temperature measurement by collecting data in 1 Second Two modes are Versatile - Two-in-one temperature measurement of Human Body and objects, One-Button quick switch mode. Body Temperature Mode - Test Range: 32°C-43°C Object Mide - Test Range: 0°C-60°C Good Daily healer for Mom (Test Milk Temperature & Test Water Temperature) Built-in Memory Chip - 32 Sets of measurement data can be automatically stored to observe the change of body temperature at any time. Easy Savings Mode - automatic shutdown without use in seconds economical and energy saving Model: YS-ET03